About Us

Lacombe Dental Clinic was started in 1987 when Dr. Mike Lowry purchased the existing General Dental Practice of Dr. Dalton Deedrick. The first years, the office was shared with Lacombe Family Medical Clinic, but soon this small space became inadequate for the fast growing dental clinic. In 1992 the current office was built and was recently expanded and renovated. Take the photo tour below.

Today, Lacombe Dental Clinic is made up of four General Dentists, five Dental Hygienists, six Dental Assistants, and five Business Assistants. The doctors at Lacombe Dental have the ability to listen to the needs of patients and to offer solutions that are best suited for them. Lacombe Dental is also a full service dental clinic that covers all areas of general dentistry, so you do not have to make additional visits to other dentists, except for when you need to see a Specialist.

The focus of Lacombe Dental Clinic is to make you feel at home while receiving professional dental care in a modern facility that complies with the highest government standards of hygiene and safety.


Our Team

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Office Tour

We welcome you to our recently renovated, state-of-the-art Dental Clinic. Your comfort and safety are very important to us. Stop in and have a look around, we love visitors!